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Dixon PODFM522AM

Dixon PODFM522 Fuse Maple 5 Pieces Acoustic Drum Kit Set – Hyperspace With Satin Black Red Stripe Bass Hoop
5 Pieces Shell Pack, 18 x 22 Bass Drum, 8 x 10 Tom, 9 x 12 Tom, 14 x 16 Floor Tom, 6.5 x 14 Snare Drum, P-CP1PK Series Hardware Set

FUSE MAPLE series is built from fine maple and mahogany for drummers who expect more from the start. As a first kit or well-deserved upgrade, FUSE delivers pro features and finishes to impress, perform, and raise the bar.

A traditional shell and stunning finish combination for a striking look and sound. On the inside, Fuse Maples’s 9-ply hybrid shell combines both fine maple and mahogany for classic warm tone and versatility, while the outside features remarkable gloss lacquer finishes.


Rp 20.300.000

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